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Alto Purús: Transit Route through Brazil Promoted as Alternative to New Road

April 2018 UAC recently led an investigation of a new transit route to connect the Alto Purús region with the rest of Peru. Called the “multimodal,” the route utilizes existing roads and the Purús River in Acre, Brazil, and is being promoted as a way to reduce dependence on expensive air transport and a sustainable …

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Peru Ignores Pope’s Plea for Indigenous Rights, Approves Road Law

January 2018 During his recent visit to the Peruvian jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, Pope Francis gave an impassioned speech about the importance of protecting the Amazon forest and respecting the rights of its indigenous inhabitants. He warned about the impacts of corporate greed on the Amazon and its indigenous peoples, and called on Peru’s …

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Violence Highlights Dangers to Peru’s Isolated Tribes

December 2017 Last month in the remote headwaters of Peru’s Alto Purús River, a young indigenous man was shot with an arrow by a member of the Mashco Piro isolated tribe. The attack occurred while the man was sharing food with several members of the tribe. He was transported by boat and plane to the …

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Conservation Concession Offers Unique Research Opportunities in the Purús

November 2016 Last month, UAC staff visited the Mabosinfron conservation concession and its newly constructed research station. The concession covers 6,700 hectares and is located on the La Novia River, a small tributary of the Purús River near the town of Puerto Esperanza the region’s capital (see map). The concession was approved in 2012 after six …

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Indigenous Leader Seeks Support in Fight Against Highway

September 2016 The president of the Alto Purús indigenous federation (FECONAPU), Emilio Montes Bardales, calls for support from conservation and indigenous rights groups in his fight against a proposed highway. During a recent interview, Mr. Montes expressed his utmost concern for highway bill #75/2016-CR, recently submitted to Peru’s congress, which proposes construction of a paved highway …

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Police, Forestry Officials Arrested in Illegal Logging Sting in Peru

April 2016 Just a few months since Peru enacted its new forestry and wildlife law, a sting operation organized by Peru’s High Commission Against Illegal Logging resulted in the arrests of 19 people suspected in the laundering of illegal timber from the Ucayali region for export the United States and Mexico. On the ground operations …

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Business a usual for illegal loggers on Peru’s Tamaya River

April 2016 A year and a half since the murders of conservationist Edwin Chota and three other indigenous leaders, rampant illegal logging continues on the Tamaya River in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon. “The wood is illegal,” says an anonymous logger with a grin, pointing to a giant raft of 1000 logs floating in …

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