Incredible New Photos of Voluntarily Isolated Tribe on Brazil-Peru Border

 February 2011

Astonishing aerial photos and video of voluntarily isolated tribes take near Brazil-Peru border.

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Miami Herald Reports on Mahogany Logging in Purús Region

November 2010

See the story in The Miami Herald, including an interview with Upper Amazon Conservancy Director Chris Fagan, here.


The Upper Amazon Conservancy’s investigations are part of a larger effort here to protect the greater Alto Purus ecosystem; one of the wildest places left on the planet – home to still undocumented species of plants and wildlife, voluntarily-isolated peoples and a carbon sink of international significance.

To read more about the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its work in Peru, see our FACT SHEET (PDF 412K).

For more information, contact Chris Fagan at email hidden; JavaScript is required or Francisco Estremadoyro at email hidden; JavaScript is required, or see our website at

UAC Overflights Reveal Illegal Settlements in Park; Seed Project Underway

August 2010

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Illegal Mahogany Logging Continues in the Murunahua Uncontacted Reserve

July 2010

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Read Survival International’s Response to the Upper Amazon Conservancy’s Work here.

Oil Companies Banned From Uncontacted Tribes’ Reserve

May 2010

Read the Press Release from Survival International here.


Sacred Lands Report on the Alto Purús

June 2009

Interesting report on the Alto Purús region by the Sacred Lands Film Project. 

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Five Uncontacted Tribes Most Threatened with Extinction

May 2009

Read the full story in National Geographic News here.