ProPurús is Born

January 2011

The Upper Amazon Conservancy is excited to announce the creation of ProPurús, its Peruvian partner organization and registered non-profit group that will support our efforts on the ground in Lima and the Upper Amazon region surrounding the Alto Purús National Park.

ProPurús will be based in Lima, with field offices in Puerto Esperanza and Puerto Breu on the Alto Purús and Yurúa rivers, respectively.

ProPurús recently opened a new office in Puerto Esperanza, which will serve as 'home base' for our hard-working field staff in the Alto Purús region.

The group will be led by experienced Peruvian conservationist Francisco Estremadoyro, a native of Lima who has for decades has deftly navigated both the concrete jungle of Peru’s sprawling capital city and the real thing in the Amazon basin. Estremadoyro, based in Lima, will work closely with José Borgo, who has spent his life in the Amazon working closely with indigenous tribes in remote, isolated areas like the Alto Purús. Borgo was born in Pucallpa, along the Ucayali River, and served as chief of the Agrarian Agency, a branch of the Ministry of Agriculture. Borgo will work from the ProPurús Puerto Esperanza branch.

Estremadoyro and Borgo will lead our field staff and work directly with officials in Lima and the various tribal groups and leaders in the Purús region on projects intended to strengthen the region’s protected areas and build indigenous conservation capacity in the Alto Purús, Yurua and adjacent headwater regions.

ProPurús will work closely with both The Upper Amazon Conservancy staff and partner groups in Lima, including SERNANP, the Peruvian Park Service, to promote collaboration and goodwill.

Coordination with local people on all levels is, and has always been, an integral part of the work of the Upper Amazon Conservancy – and will become the focus of its sister organization, ProPurús.

As our organization expands and the issues become more complicated, we’re proud to work together with ProPurús, confident in our staff and certain our successes will grow.

Pro-Purus director Francisco Estramadoyro with Asheninka children in the village of Dulce Gloria, near the Murunahua Reserve for Voluntarily Isolated Peoples.

José Borgo (right), of the Pro-Purús field staff with an indigenous Brazilian man on a recent expedition on the Yurúa River.

Check back frequently for updates from both our Upper Amazon and ProPurús staff on important issues facing the Amazon region.

For more information about ProPurús,
contact Francisco Estramadoyro email hidden; JavaScript is required.


To read more about the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its work in Peru, see our FACT SHEET (PDF 412K) or visit our website at


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