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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chris Fagan, UAC Executive Director
Chris has fifteen years of experience developing and directing conservation projects in Latin America. Prior to creating UAC in 2010, Chris worked as director of Duke University’s ParksWatch program and, most recently, as Peru director for Round River Conservation Studies. He has published several articles and produced a video documentary on the Alto Purús region. Chris holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from Middlebury College and a Masters in Environmental Management from Duke University. When not in Peru, he lives in Jackson. Wyoming with his wife Sara and daughter Daniela.
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Francisco Estremadoyro, ProPurús Executive Director
Francisco has extensive experience designing and implementing conservation and sustainable development projects in the Peruvian Amazon. Trained as a forestry engineer, he has studied wilderness management in Paraguay and the United States at Colorado State University. The majority of Francisco’s professional career has been devoted to the effective management of Peru’s protected areas, with a focus on balancing biodiversity conservation with the sustainable use of natural resources by local people. When not in the field, Francisco maintains close correspondence with government agencies, NGOs and other UAC partners from his office in Lima.
RAUL VASQUEZ Raul Vasquez, ProPurús Program Director
Raul is a forest engineer and has extensive forest resources management experience in the Peruvian Amazon, mainly in the Ucayali region. He completed graduate studies in Development and Management of Secondary Forests (2001) and Community Management in Protected Areas, Buffer Zones and Biological Corridors (2005) in Costa Rica, and in 2011 obtained the degree of Master of Science in the specialty of Forests and Management of Forest Resources UNALM. His professional career has developed in public institutions such as the Regional Directorate of Agriculture (Forest Area) and the National Institute of Natural Resources – INRENA, contributing to the management of forest resources, he held the position of Forest Technical Manager Pucallpa (2007- 2009); private institutions and foundations, NGOs and international technical cooperation agencies aimed at the conservation of forest resources in protected areas and productive conservation with indigenous communities. On their days off enjoying his daughters Claudia Ximena and Fabiana with his wife.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Jose Borgo Vasquez, ProPurús Purús Project Coordinator
Jose has over 20 years of experience in the Alto Purús region, leading outreach projects in the indigenous communities. He was the chief of the Agrarian Agency, a branch of the Ministry of Agriculture, working to integrate new crops into community gardens. As a member of the Alto Purús reforestation committee, he led efforts to establish nurseries for mahogany and Spanish cedar trees. Jose was born in Pucallpa and works from the UAC field office in Puerto Esperanza.
MANUEL DIAZ Manuel Díaz, ProPurús Social Specialist
Born in Loreto, Manuel is an anthropologist who has implemented community conservation projects throughout the Peruvian Amazon. Before joining ProPurús in 2013, he worked as an indigenous land titling expert for the regional government of Ucayali. In addition to being an expert on indigenous land titling, Manuel brings critical expertise to ProPurús in the areas of social anthropology, community conservation, and isolated tribes.
WILLIAM PORTOCARRERO William Villacorta, ProPurús Yurúa Project Coordinator
He was born in the city of Pucallpa, Ucayali, at 24 years old, William’s Environmental engineer, he worked as a technical assistant in the research project “Building Capacity for conservation in a changing Amazon” conducting research projects in conservation , perception of climate change, after consultation, wildlife and indigenous peoples socioeconomic studies of ethnic groups, Amahuaca, Ashaninka, Ashéninka, Shipibo and Yaminahua in the district of Yurúa. He did fieldwork in areas Abujao, Masisea and Purus. Currently he is working in the ProPurús Association as field coordinator, running activities in various projects for conservation of biodiversity and improving quality of life of indigenous peoples in the basins of Tamaya and Yurúa.
 MARISELL PINCHI Marisel Pinchi, ProPurús Specialist in Protected Areas
Marisell she born in the city of Pucallpa, Ucayali. It’s degree in forestry and environmental sciences, environmental engineering career. He is a young professional who has extensive administrative management of projects of national and international experience. He worked as an administrative assistant at the Technical Research Center of Amazonian Rural Development – CITRON, supporting the conservation project management and professional specializations. He was in charge of the area of environmental management company Fumigation EIRL Chemical Selva., it was a practitioner of the Association during the period 2015 and today is part of ProPurús team as a consultant. Marisell has knowledge in environmental projects, environmental management practices in the characterization of solid waste in rural and urban areas; It is proactive, demanding and has ample capacity to work in a multidisciplinary manner.
SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Jairo Samuel Roque, ProPurús Purús Project Specialist
Jairo was born in Santa Rey, a community of approximately 50 families of the Cashinahua ethnicity on the upper Curanja River. Jairo studied indigenous leadership at the Institución Educativa Padre Francisco Álvarez in Sepahua. He has received training in GPS use, cartography, and monitoring conservation threats as a voluntary community guard for the Alto Purús National Park. As UAC’s community intern, Jairo is involved in all aspects of our protected area and community conservation activities.
 MAX DOWAR Max Rivera, ProPurús Administrative Director
He was born in Cerro de Pasco and studied science in finance and accounting, which allowed him to develop for more than ten years needed to interact professionally with various indigenous organizations, local government, and NGOs experience. He developed work in the field of management, accounting and logistics projects related to conservation in areas of Protected Areas in Peru, with populations and multicultural spaces in the Ucayali region. It has a working career with ProNaturaleza and CARE. Max ProPurús consolidated to join our team. In their rest days Max enjoys his children and Max Emiliano Yadhira breeze.
 DIANA CRUZ Diana Cruz, ProPurús Accountant
Diana has more than ten years of experience in administrative and accounting work in non-governmental, public and private organizations. Before joining Propurus, he worked as Project Manager for Cutivireni ASSOCIATION NGO dedicated to the Conservation of Natural and Cultural Heritage of the Ashaninka communities. Performing tasks of Financial Information for donors as well as the use and application of funds in each project to develop, experience has allowed him to join the staff of the Association Propurus. His studies were conducted at the University Ricardo Palma in the Faculty of Accounting and Finance; obtaining a BA in Accounting.
Jocabed Diaz, ProPurús Administrative Assistant
Metsa Mea, as they call it in its original language, was born in the native community Colonia de Caco, in the district of Iparia. It belongs to the Shipibo-Conibo ethnic, linguistic family Pano. Jocabed at 26 years old, it is a professional trained in the technical course of Executive Secretariat; He has held administrative tasks as a trainee in the Regional Government of Ucayali. Currently, part of the team as Administrative Assistant ProPurús, supporting logistics development of all activities. Jocabed, is a proactive, communicative and represents young indigenous professionals in the region of Ucayali.

Advisory Board

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The Upper Amazon Conservancy is currently hosting graduate and postgraduate researchers interested in the fields of ecology, indigenous protected area management, community conservation, sustainable forestry and related topics. For more information please send a brief cover letter and Curriculum Vitae (CV) to: email hidden; JavaScript is required


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For press inquiries, questions about our organization, or to discuss a donation:

Upper Amazon Conservancy
PO Box 4961
Jackson, WY 83001

Director Chris Fagan
tel: 307-413-8133

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In Peru, the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its sister organization ProPurús can be reached in:

Calle Tizon y Bueno N° 847, Jesús María, Lima
Director Francisco Estremadoyro
tel: 511-440-3458
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Jr. Víctor Montalvo N° 321, Pucallpa ( a dos cuadras del Mercado N°03) 
Director de Programas, Raul Vásquez
tel: (511)-061-578873
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