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New Conservation Concession Protects 112,850 acres for Yurua Tribes

June 2019: The indigenous tribes of Peru’s Yurua River region have been granted a conservation concession to protect 112,850 acres (45,699 hectares) of remote, intact lowland jungle near the border with Acre, Brazil.

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Isolated Tribes featured in National Geographic

October 2018: National Geographic’s October cover story explores threats to isolated indigenous tribes in the Amazon. The story is divided into two sections: Brazil and Peru. The Peru part was written by UAC’s director Chris Fagan.

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Peru’s Interoceanic: the Most Corrupt Highway in the World

July 2018: Constructed in 2012, the Interoceanic Highway connects western Brazil with Peru’s Madre de Dios state. It was promoted as a necessary investment to promote trade and transit between the two countries while improving the standard of living of rural Peruvians.

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Alto Purús: Transit Route through Brazil Promoted as Alternative to New Road

April 2018: UAC recently led an investigation of a new transit route to connect the Alto Purús region with the rest of Peru. Called the “multimodal,” the route utilizes existing

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Peru Ignores Pope’s Plea for Indigenous Rights, Approves Road Law

January 2018: During his recent visit to the Peruvian jungle town of Puerto Maldonado, Pope Francis gave an impassioned speech about the importance of protecting theAmazon forest and respecting the rights

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Asháninka Communities Receive Title to Lands

September 2017 After a decade long struggle, the Asháninka communities of Beu, Oori, and Koshireni received titles to their lands during a ceremony in Pucallpa earlier this

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Violence Highlights Dangers to Peru’s Isolated Tribes

December 2017: Last month in the remote headwaters of Peru’s Alto Purús River, a young indigenous man was shot with an arrow by a member of the Mashco Piro isolated tribe.The attack occurred while the man was sharing food with several members of the tribe.

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