Evidence of Isolated Tribe Found in Area of Proposed Highway

August 2012:

Camp made by people in voluntary isolation, Alto Purus National Park (C. Fagan – UAC)

The indigenous federation of the Madre de Dios River (FENAMAD) and Peru’s Protected Areas Agency (SERNANP) report finding evidence of isolated tribes in the area being proposed for the Puerto Esperanza – Iñapari highway. The evidence, found during a July expedition, included trails and branches positioned to block trails. See full article by Mongabay.com for details.

The tribe has been documented in the region several times over the past few years. These photograph were taken between 2004 and 2008 in the Alto Purús National Park, near route of the proposed highway.



Baskets made by voluntarily isolated people, Alto Purús National Park (C. Fagan – UAC)

People in voluntary isolation, Madre de Dios department, 2008 (SERNANP)

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