Expedition Highlights Natural Riches of the Purús Communal Reserve

February 2013:

Guards, community volunteers and ProPurús staff travel up the La Novia River inside the Purús Communal Reserve. (Photo: Purús Communal Reserve Jan. 2013)

UAC’s Peruvian partner, ProPurús, participated in an expedition to the La Novia River in January to evaluate the conservation status of the Purús Communal Reserve. The activity was part of ProPurús’ partnership with Peru’s protected areas agency, SERNANP, to conduct patrols and train local communities to work as volunteer guards in protecting both the Communal Reserve and adjacent Alto Purús National Park.

The expedition found no evidence of recent illegal logging or road building. Instead, they were able  to document the presence of several rare and endangered species, including several species of monkeys, various birds such a macaws, toucans and currasow, and an enormous tapir.

Local people use the Reserve for hunting, fishing and other subsistence activities; however, in the past, non-indigenous loggers have entered to cut mahogany. A new control post on the La Novia River has dramatically reduced the extent of illegal logging over the past two years. Now Reserve managers and indigenous leaders are focused on an even more dangerous threat: preventing construction of the Puerto Esperanza – Iñapari highway which, if approved by Congress, would bisect the Reserve and Park.


Mustached Tamarin, Saguinus mystax. (Photo: Purús Communal Reserve, Jan. 2013

Yellow Footed Tortoise, Chelonoidis denticulata (Photo: Purús Communal Reserve, Jan. 2013













View additional photos from the expedition on the Purús Communal Reserve’s Facebook page.

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