Raids by Uncontacted Tribes Raise Fears of Violence
Science Insider, November 2014

New Wave of Contact with Isolated Tribe
Science Insider, August 2014

Mahogany’s Last Stand
National Geographic Magazine – April 2013

Amazon ‘Uncontacted’ Tribes at Risk From New Highway Plan
The Ecologist – January 2011

Fisticuffs Erupts in Peru Over Uncontacted Tribes
National Geographic Daily News – June 2011

Peruvian Officials Deny Claims About Threats to Murunahua Reserve
Indian County Today Media Network – June 2011

Isolated Amazon Tribes Threatened by Logging, Groups Say
New York Times Green – February 2011

Unknown, Uncontacted Tribe Photographed in Brazilian Jungle
Wired – February 2011

Logging Threat Looms Over Rich Wilderness
The Americas – November 2010

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