UAC Workshops Train Official and Volunteer Park Guards To Patrol Reserves & Protect Natural Resources

A training session for SERNANP park guards conducted by Upper Amazon Conservancy Staff.

August 2011

Together with the Peruvian Park Service, SERNANP, the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its Peruvian partner, ProPurús, have been helping to train official guards of the Alto Purús National Park. We also are the primary supporter and trainer of ‘vigilance committees’ made up of indigenous men and women from local communities surrounding the Park.

Guards are trained in the use of equipment, from simple binoculars to GPS.

Thus far, the committees have been a resounding success.

Communities learn to patrol their most valuable assets: their natural resources, while at the same time compiling baseline data and information that allows for prosecution of illegal logging and other ilicit activity in these highly sensitive remote areas.

Every participant receives a certificate issued jointly by the Upper Amazon Conservancy / ProPurús and the Peruvian Park Service upon completion of training.


The concept is simple: Together with indigenous leaders, we help train local community guards and give them the tools they need to do the job well. Over time, the community begins to take a vested interest in working with the official SERNANP guards to protect their own resources – and gains confidence in its ability to do so. With motors, GPS equipment and appropriate training, community members have already successfully helped locate and prosecute illegal logging outfits.

In turn, the Upper Amazon Conservancy and it’s Peruvian partner, ProPurús, use the information gathered in the field by our partners to advocate on their behalf, as well as that of the Park, in Lima, affecting larger policy issues in both Peru and the United States.


If you are interested in helping out, buying equipment or donating to the Upper Amazon Conservancy, please click here .


To read more about the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its work in Peru, see our FACT SHEET (PDF 412K) or visit our website at

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