UAC Publishes Guard Manual for the Alto Purús Park

September 2013: Upper Amazon Conservancy and its sister organization, ProPurús, have published a manual for guards working in the Alto Purús National Park and the adjacent Purús Communal Reserve.


Alto Purús Park guards and the new guard manual (ProPurús 2013).

It is the first of its kind for the Park and Reserve and provides an important reference guide and tool for the official guards as well as volunteer “vigilance committees” that help protect the buffer zone.  It includes all relevant information on the roles and responsibilities of both official and volunteer guards, the laws and regulations for the Park and Purús Communal Reserve, protocols for working in areas with voluntarily isolated tribes and those in initial contact, and background information on Peru’s protected areas system. It also includes the datasheets used during monitoring patrols. Various drafts were reviewed by the directors of Alto Purús Park and Purús Communal Reserve as well as outside consultants.

Copies were distributed to each guard and vigilance committee member during training workshops in September. The manual has been integrated into the Park’s guard-training program and we will focus our next few workshops on its contents and proper use in the field.

The Manual can be downloaded here.


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