Help Wanted: Join Forces with our Indigenous Partners in the Upper Amazon

Training and certifying volunteer park guards is one of many tasks undertaken by the Upper Amazon Conservancy.

August 2011

The Upper Amazon Conservancy and its Peruvian partner, ProPurús, need help.

We are a small organization but growing quickly, with an office in Lima and two field offices in the greater Alto Purús region.  We pride ourselves in spending as much time as possible in the field, where we work with local people to understand the social, ethical and environmenal issues facing the region.

Our efforts are gaining international attention, we’ve trained dozens of voluntary park guards in the communities surrounding the Alto Purús and our constant, day-to-day presence in these remote areas assures the perserverance and dedication necessary to assure our goals are attained.

Right now, we’re actively recruiting graduate students and researchers interested in pursuing research on a wide range of subjects, and we’re accepting donations that will go directly to the purchase of gear that’s essential for our crews and indigenous partners to be effective advocates in the field. Our needs may seem simple – gasoline, small boat motors, GPS units and laptop computers, but in remote regions like the Alto Purús, even the most basic supplies are scarce.

If you are interested in helping out, buying equipment or donating to the cause, please click here for more information.


To read more about the Upper Amazon Conservancy and its work in Peru, see our FACT SHEET (PDF 412K) or visit our website at

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