Protecting the Forests and People of the Amazon Headwaters

We partner with indigenous communities, government agencies and other NGOs to build the conservation capacity of remote communities, strengthen protected areas, and promote well-informed, sustainable public policy. We pride ourselves on the time spent in the most remote and difficult to access parts of the Amazon headwaters, working hard to understand the complex cultural, ethical and social issues facing often ignored areas and both the settled and isolated indigenous tribes who live there.

In Focus

Gateway Communities Initiative

Our new Gateway Communities Initiative aims to empower indigenous tribes living near protected areas to prosper as effective land stewards. The initiative combines sustainable livelihood projects with education and training to ensure that the most remote communities receive the level of support proportionate to their critical role in protecting one of the world’s most important places for biodiversity and isolated tribes.

Isolated Tribes Featured in National Geographic

National Geographic’s October 2018 cover story discusses threats to the Amazon’s isolated indigenous tribes. It is divided into two features, Brazil and Peru.  The Peru part looks at the state of isolated tribes and those in initial contact in the Amazon headwaters of southeastern. Written by UAC’s founder and director, Chris Fagan, it is based on his work protecting the forests and tribes of the Amazon headwaters.

Story Map Explores the Purús - Manu Landscape

UAC’s first Story Map examines the remarkable Purús – Manu Landscape of southern Peru with chapters on biodiversity, indigenous inhabitants,  isolated tribes, threats and proposed measures to ensure its long-term protection. Each section includes interactive maps and associated text, photos and video.


Indigenous – Mestizo Conservation Alliance Completes Fifth Year

February 2020: The La Novia Conservation Alliance recently completed its fifth year working to prevent illegal activities and protect threatened species along the La Novia River, a tributary of the Alto Purús River

Invasions of Coca Farmers Threaten Protected Areas and Isolated Tribes

December 2019: An article by UAC’s Chris Fagan discusses a massive invasion of coca farmers in the Urubamba watershed that threatens indigenous lands, protected areas and the isolated tribes who live there.

Yurua Conservation Concession Protects 112,850 acres for Local Tribes

June 2019: After a decades long effort, indigenous tribes of the Yurua region have finally been granted a conservation concession protecting 112,850 acres (45,699 hectares) of intact lowland jungle near Brazil.

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